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v2.2.0 - Download

  • NEW - Large / small UI toggle option
  • IMPROVEMENT - Enhancd realism in default profiles
  • IMPROVEMENT - Improved auto start mechanism
  • FIX - First-person inverted mouse
  • FIX - Sudden zoom in/out during touchdown effect
  • FIX - Reverse thrust was not working
  • FIX - Landing applause was not working
  • FIX - Backspace was not working on text inputs
  • FIX - Assigned buttons were triggering even when MSFS is not focused
  • FIX - Sounds used to play on pause / while in menu / slew mode
  • FIX - App got stuck randomly on launch
  • FIX - Minor bug fixes and optimizations

v2.1.1 - Download

  • NEW - The first-person mode will continue from the last location
  • FIX - The first-person mode will retain the last walking speed
  • FIX - Stability improvements
  • FIX - No height limit on first-person mode
  • FIX - No more mid-flight FSR crashes
  • FIX - No more errors on the app exit
  • FIX - No more app crash on profile cloud import
  • FIX - No more sudden aircraft dives
  • FIX - When toggling first-person mode while flying, nothing will happen
  • FIX - Uninstall will remove only FSR-related files and will keep the profiles folder


v1.0.1 - Download


  • Engine rumble effect
  • Piston stop effect
  • Turbulence effect
  • Fuel pump effect
  • Added 4 new flaps movement sounds for manual flap mechanisms
  • Option to show effect volume slider values
  • Option to extend the window to show all effects


  • Ground roll won't play anymore when the aircraft is stationary
  • The gear up/down effect is now more realistic
  • Minor bugs fixes and issues

v1.0.0 - Download

  • It's out! Unleash Your Bass Shaker's Full Potential with SimHaptic, for MSFS & X-Plane!


v2.1.5 - Download

  • NEW - X-Plane 12 official support
  • NEW - X-Plane 12 look and feel
  • FIX - X-Plane won't freeze when servers are down anymore
  • FIX - Stabilibty fixes and improvements

Servers Status

If you encounter problems like an invalid serial during activation or issues with cloud profiles, just refer to our system status. This will keep you informed about any ongoing incidents.