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Introducing SimHaptic - Unlock the full potential of your bass shaker!

With support for MSFS, X-Plane, and DCS, immerse yourself in a world of true realism with thrilling haptic feedback, whether you're flying a helicopter, passenger jet, general aviation, or fighter jet, experience lifelike vibrations tailored to each aircraft, with an intuitive interface for easy customization and a set of unique features. 

Still wondering? Don't hesitate to try SimHaptic FREE for 7 days and discover it firsthand! Download


  • Bass shaker/s
  • Dedicated audio card / USB audio adapter for your bass shaker (Y splitter won't work)


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
  • X-Plane 11/12
  • DCS
  • Windows 10/11


  • Easy installation, all-in-one app
  • Intuitive and modern user interface
  • Largest effect selection (30+ and growing)
  • Customizable advanced options for effects
  • Ability to test each effect individually
  • Multiple sound options available per effect
  • Cloud profiles for easy sharing
  • 6 default profile types included
  • Automatic aircraft profile save and load
  • FMOD audio engine based


Turbulence, Fuel pump, Engine rumble, Piston stop, Glider wind, Wingtip strike, Ground bumps, Reverse thrust, Grass roll, Blade slapping, Tow disconnect, Max deflection, Airframe airflow, Engine vibrations, Flaps drag, Flaps movement, G force, Gear drag, Afterburner, Gear up/down, Ground roll, Piston start, Door open/close, Parking brake, Brakes, Overspeed, Spoilers drag, Stall, Touchdown, Avionics.

DCS dedicated effects: 

Catapult, Drag chute, Cannon, Wing fold, Damage, Bomb/fuel drop, Missile launch, APU, Airbrake movement, Fuel probe, Hook up/down.

User Reviews

"I’ve been using simshaker for aviators for a couple of years now, and I’ve been happy with it. But I’ve tried simhaptic and I have to say it’s so much better. The difference in the vibrations is night and day - think going from ‘old’ style tv to high definition. The fidelity and strength is great and I won’t be going back to simshaker. Also, simhaptic gives you a lot more options and the user interface is quick and easy to navigate. It’s a fantastic piece of software."

"Really cool! bought it already. so many options, sound preview. 👌 the menu window could be a little better optimized for those using VR/second screen with odd resolution and better save/profile mechanics. Can only setup while online and flying the mod/plane. but overall is massive upgrade over Simshaker aviators - It was awkward to setup some stuff and there was plenty of interference with the "no flap planes" and fbw. It was a game of hit and miss while live checking logging. Not anymore!"

"I tried SimHaptic for about 30 minutes.  Then bought it.. it has a ton of options, has a much better interface, and an easy way of sharing and downloading shared profiles from the cloud.  I found a bug and reported it on their website, and instantly got a response in their online chat.  Looks to be much better support than simshaker where it's pretty much one guy doing everything."

"The new Simhaptic bass shaker app started supporting DCS some days ago. And it also works perfectly with my Buttgamer Gamer Pro! And that software changed my buttkicker experience to the better! A lot better! I am very impressed. So many more effects, and they are all working, and can be adjusted individually of course. I downloaded a trial version this morning, and I am totally blown away by it - and especially compared to the original buttkicker Hapticonnect software. I have only flown the F-16 so far with it, and I had to tune down the volume down for many of the effects, or change them into what I like, but that is what makes the software so good too! All those different effects to choose from."

"What a transformation using the Buttkicker. I spent a few hours today in the Gazzelle,F86 and Spitfire. It works so well in DCS. It so "adjustable" and easy to tune on the fly with so many variables. Up there with Voice Attack, I think this is one of the best pieces of software I bought .  Also, it starts automatically with DCS and no log in required....My "Other" Haptic software was a waste of money and has been Un-installed ! BTW, For VR Guys, this just adds another dimension. I have my Buttkicker for about six months but didn't use it because of the software. This just got my Buttkicker fired up again."

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