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DCRealistic - the ultimate immersion upgrade for DCS! Prepare to be captivated by an extensive range of 21 camera and sound effects, elevating your flight experience to new heights. Whether you're piloting a warbird, fighter jet, or helicopter, DCRealistic will deliver lifelike effects like never before. Don't hesitate any longer - buckle up, and join the ride.

Not sure? Try it firsthand for 7 day free, download DCRealistic here


  • DCS
  • Windows 10/11
  • Works in VR/TrackIR
  • All mods are supported


Canopy jettison, Canopy shut, Damage hit, Pilot stress, Engine vibrations, Drag chute, Afterburner, Airframe airflow, Brakes, Cockpit ambience, Flaps drag, Gear drag, Ground effect, Ground roll, Over G, Airbrake drag, Stall buffet, Touchdown, Gear up/down, Wind ambience, G-force.


Do you own a bass shaker? DCRealistic, designed to work seamlessly with SimHaptic. Enjoy perfectly synchronized sound, camera, and haptic effects for an all-around immersive experience.


DCRealistic is an unofficial addon for DCS. This product is independently developed and is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or associated with Eagle Dynamics. All trademarks and copyrights related to DCS are the property of Eagle Dynamics.

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